“Shame on You”: Anti-Chavista Chuo Torrealba Criticizes Opposition Leadership (+Dialogue Table)

The former secretary of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), journalist Jesus “Chuo” Torrealba (who was responsible for the opposition electoral victory in the National assembly in 2015), said Wednesday, September 18 that he is “ashamed” that each of the opposition parties has found it easier to speak with President Nicolás Maduro, than dialogue among themselves, admitting that there are internal conflicts within anti-Chavismo.

“Ah, but for one and for others it is easier to talk with the government, sit down with them, rather than recognize that their partner in the opposition exists and that it has legitimacy,” reproached the journalist on his show “The Force is the Union”.

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For Torrealba, this moment is crucial for “all the actors to specify a single strategy. It is time to rise to the suffering of people and politics. I reject violence, political vindication, of the word and condemn extreme radicalism,” he said.

On the release of Deputy Edgar Zambrano, he regretted the attitude taken by right-wing politicians, who “were more concerned about fighting with each other, than overthrowing the government.”

“Instead of being congratulating Édgar today for being free on the street, next to his people, his family, his party, they are circulating info-strategies to attack each other,” he lamented.

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The former secretary of the MUD continued saying that “even serious journalists and portals fell into the following trap, reproduce what began to circulate: “I do not suffer from Stockholm syndrome, I do not thank my kidnappers or a pseudo opposition for my release-, this is a lie”‘, referring to part of Edgar Zambrano’s speech after being released from jail.

He warned that Zambrano’s first words “were not to attack any sector, but for three things: to claim the word and the policy as a mechanism to solve conflicts, expressly condemn the violence, and thirdly, to reject what he called the extremists.”

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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