Shops of “Sabana Grande” in Partnership with the Sundde Sell Clothing and Footwear at Affordable Prices

As a result of a negotiation of the National Superintendence for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde), shops installed along the boulevard of Sabana Grande, sell clothing, footwear and lingerie at affordable prices.

This activity is part of the operational Christmas Plan 2018, implemented by the Sundde, that occurs at the end of the year.

Shoes are sold from 1,440 sovereign bolivars. Underwear for men between Bs.S 1,000.00 and Bs.S 4.900,00. For ladies and children from Bs.S 600.00; 800.00; 1,600.00 and 3,200.00.[Currently the black market exchange rate goes around 650 BsS per US$].

Trousers for gentlemen Bs. S 1,920.00, for children Bs. S 1,200.00. Socks Bs.S 120.00 for adults and children.

Other pieces such as women’s dresses are available in Bs.S. 1,570, short-sleeved shirts, for ladies in 960.00 sovereign bolivars. Men’s slippers Bs.S. 460.00. Bed Sheets in 1,380 sovereign bolivars.

Some shoppers told the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN), that the merchandise is imported by the Government from Panama and distributed to merchants, who make a profit between 30% and 40%.

Regarding the development of the “Fiesta Navideña 2018” event, sponsored by the Superintendency of Fair Prices, merchants and prosecutors of the Sundde commented that “everything is flowing smoothly without any setbacks. The people have behaved very well.”

Recently the Minister for National Trade, William Contreras, informed that 35 million pieces of textiles and footwear imported by the national Government will be distributed at different fairs and through the Clap and communal councils, to benefit the people in the acquisition of these articles and thus face the speculation unleashed with the economic war.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE

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