Venezuela Demands the Cessation of Interference by the US in Front of Municipal Elections

On Monday, the vice minister of North America for the Ministry of People’s Power of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Ron, responded to the interventionist attitude of the Secretary of State for Hemispheric Affairs Occidental, Kimberly Breier, and demanded an end to the intrusion of the United States government into matters that only concern the Venezuelan people.

In this sense, after the secretary of state described the elections held this Sunday, December 9, for Municipal Councils, as defective by the non-participation of some of the Venezuelan opposition parties, Deputy Minister Ron responded through his account on Twitter @CarlosJRonVE.

“The opposition voluntarily boycotted the elections, threatened to expel its members for running and they count on the sanctions and threats of US government to achieve the change they have not democratically achieved,” said the Venezuelan deputy minister.

At the same time, the Venezuelan diplomat pointed out that the United States government must abandon the interventionist acts it carries out against the people and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

“We demand the end of the US interference in Venezuela,” he added.


Translated by JRE

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