Solidarity with Palestine! This Friday Caracas Will Commemorate World Al-Quds Day (Bolivar Square)

The Solidarity Movements with Palestine invite the people of Caracas to participate this Friday, May 31, in the commemoration of World Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day, in which millions of Muslims and pious and just people of all cultures, religions and nationalities express their repudiation of the oppression and genocide carried out by the State of Israel against the Palestinian people.

At the event, its promoters also seek to promote and consolidate an international movement of solidarity and defense of the Palestinian cause until their liberation is achieved.

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World Al-Quds Day was established in August 1979 by the leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Imam Khomeini. It is celebrated on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan; that is, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar that corresponds to the fifth month of the Gregorian calendar.

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In Caracas, World Al-Quds Day will be held this Friday at 2:00 pm in Plaza Bolívar (Bolivar Square). “Let us raise our cry against the imperial oppressor, against the colonial, racist and Zionist apartheid that assassinates the native Palestinian people and attacks all humanity,” says the call. “End the Israeli colonial yoke! We will share music, poetry, theater, dance, contests, words and much more. Palestine, Resistance is Victory!”

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Translated by JRE\EF

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