“The US Does Not Need a War in Venezuela”: Hard Hitting Editorial Directed at Trump (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

This Sunday, April 26, the newspaper The Pittsburg Post-Gazette published an editorial criticizing Donald Trump’s warlike intentions against Venezuela.

In the text, which was distributed by the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, it is said bluntly that “the US does not need a war in Venezuela,” much less in the context of the coronavirus pandemic that is raging in the US.

The text argues that “in the crisis, the US needs to use all its resources to serve its population and not for wars. The military sees how its troops are contagious and advise to stop operations. But their bosses ignore them. It is not military pacifism, it is brutality of the bosses,” Moncada reported.

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Likewise, in the aforementioned editorial, the ambassador indicated that the data of the US government itself contradict “war propaganda” against Venezuela.

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According to what is reflected in a map posted by the newspaper based on information related to the seizure and drug trafficking, – to which Venezuela belongs – only 7% of all the drugs that go to The United States pass through the Eastern Caribbean, while 84% are transported through the Eastern Pacific.

For example, “six times more drug trafficking passes through Guatemala,” said the diplomat. In addition, he pointed out that “narcosicarios [narco hitmen]are used as military allies in the aggression against our people.”

However, despite the serious crisis of a pandemic, Samuel Moncada identifies in it an opportunity for “public opinion in the United States, anesthetized by years of infotoxicity prepared by propaganda bodies in Washington,” to awaken and reject “the neo-colonialist adventures of the worst US President ever.”

Featured image: Ariana Cubillos/Associated Press

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Translated by JRE/EF

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