United Nations Park Also Being Enabled for Covid-19 Patients in Caracas

Since last Saturday, the judo gym in the United Nations park, located in the parish of El Paraíso in the city of Caracas, has been being provisioned and adapted as a community isolation space for patients with Covid-19, Erika Farías, mayor of the Libertador Municipality, reported through her social networks.

The municipal president made a tour of these facilities in order to verify that all the sanitary and physical safety measures are complied with in the place to guarantee adequate patient care.

“As ordered by the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro, we verified that the provisioning is underway for its prompt use. With prevention, discipline and responsibility, we will win!” she said on the social network.

Farías indicated that the government is making an effort to combat Covid-19 and prevent the growth of new cases of contagion in the city of Caracas, as well as ensuring that all active cases can successfully overcome their battle in each and every one of the spaces arranged for this purpose.

“We saw to the progress of setting up the field hospital in the Judo Gym in the United Nations park. Then, we inspected the INASS Dr. Quintero Quintero, located in the UD1 sector and the Great Base of Missions of the UD4, Parroquia Caricuao. Finally, we visited the Triage area of the National Institute of Hygiene, within the University Hospital of Caracas. Our best ally in this process must be the conscientious and disciplined people,” said the president.

In Venezuela, up to the report of Saturday August 1, 834 new cases of Covid-19 were detected by community transmission and 33 in compatriots from abroad. 336 new cases were registered in the capital city, affecting 21 of the 22 parishes in Caracas.

The parishes with the presence of the virus are El Valle (55); Sucre (45); Antímano (21); Santa Rosalía (19); Car (16); El Recreo (16); San José (15); Saint Augustine (12); Macarao (12); San Juan (12); January 23 (11); Altagracia (11); Paradise (11); Saint Peter (11); El Junquito (9); Santa Teresa (8); La Candelaria (7); La Vega (7); Caricuao (5); The Shepherdess (5); San Bernardino (4); to which are added 24 cases of residents of other states, detected during workshops in Caracas.

Featured image: Photo courtesy of @ErikaPSUV

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