US Would Evict Embassy of Venezuela in DC if Guaido Requests it

Maduro’s government would do the same in the US embassy in Caracas if Trump administration dares to violate the Vienna Convention.

25/Apr/2019.- The Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC, object of a conflict between the government of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition Juan Guaidó, is still occupied by Chavista activists, but the United States said on Thursday that it was willing to evict them if this is what the self-proclaimed Guaido wishes.

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The special representative of the United States for Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, said that it is up to Guaidó’s representative to decide the time for the American activists who occupied the embassy two weeks ago to leave.

“This is a matter that should be discussed between “Ambassador” (Carlos) Vecchio and the security forces,” Abrams told during a conference in Washington before activists held a protest attended by some 60 people, according to the organizers.

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The militants of the left, who have been sleeping for two weeks in the embassy, ​​organized under the name Collective for the Protection of the Embassy and covered the building with banners that say “Hands Off Venezuela”, “No war for oil” and with a gigantic yellow canvas with a military boot kicking the planet Earth with the message “No to the Coup “.

From the UN, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza threatened reciprocal action if the United States enters its embassy in Washington.


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