Venezuela Announces Extension of Local Commercial Flight Restrictions

Venezuelan National Civil Aeronautics Institute (INAC) reported through its Twitter account that flight operations in the national territory will remain suspended from December 31 until January 7 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, except for four routes.

“The restriction of air operations of general, commercial and private aviation within the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela continues,” says the statement released by INAC through its official account on Twitter.

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Among the routes exempt from the restrictions are: to and from Caracas airport from Maiquetía (La Guaira state, north) and from Maiquetía  to Los Roques (north); as well as to and from Porlamar (Nueva Esparta state, north) from the airports of Maiquetía, Valencia (Carabobo state, center), and Maracaibo (Zulia, west).

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Likewise, the agency pointed out that operations to and from Maiquetía and Caracas airports to Canaima, in Bolívar state, are authorized.

At the international level, air operations with only Bolivia, Turkey and Mexico remain enabled at this moment.

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