Venezuela Demands Restoration of Assets at UN Meeting

The Comptroller General of Venezuela, Elvis Amoroso, participated this Monday in a virtual meeting of the Mechanism for the Review of Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

Through a televised broadcast, Amoroso highlighted the significance of his participation. “We are in full pursuit of the examination of Venezuela’s account by the United Nations,” he said. “We are present with all its institutions to combat corruption.”

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Amoroso explained that Venezuela demonstrated its urgent request to recover assets that some corrupt individuals have taken from the country to the Convention. The assets in question include CITGO Petroleum Corporation, the gold that is in the Bank of England (BofE), and assets in various international banks, which some corrupt political elements are attempting to use, recalled the comptroller.

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He explained that the evaluation began this Monday, and will end on Thursday with the participation of other countries, including Ireland and Cuba, who are the main evaluators.

He recalled that in Venezuela there is are legal regulations against corruption applied at all levels.

Featured image: Video conference of the Venezuelan Comptroller with the United Nations. Photo courtesy of @CGRVenezuela.

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