Venezuela Receives New Shipment of Supplies & Medical Equipment from China

Twenty nine tons of supplies and medical equipment arrived in Venezuela this Wednesday, June 9, from the People’s Republic of China, as part of the air bridge created between the two nations.

The 17th flight completed since the inauguration of the air bridge between China and Venezuela, the shipment was composed of supplies for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 and included diagnostic kits, medication, ventilators, and personal protective equipment, related Venezuela’s Minister for Health, Carlos Alvarado

Alvarado said that 61 ventilators for intensive care units will be distributed immediately to healthcare centers treating COVID-19 in Venezuela.

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He added that 250 flowmeters were also included, a device that connects and regulates oxygen for patients in need, in addition to medications used for patients in intensive care.

The personal protection supplies that arrived in the country include masks, biosafety suits and protective glasses, important for the safety of health personnel.

“This strategic alliance is one of the most significant examples of how the Venezuelan government has been able to mitigate and overcome the coercive measures imposed by the US government against Venezuela,” said the Minister for Health.

Alvarado also stressed that with this new shipment Venezuela has received more than 462 tons of medical supplies as part of its bilateral agreement with China to provide pandemic-related aid to Venezuela.

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Alvarado stressed that the Venezuelan government has managed to confront the blockade through alliances with China, Russia, Cuba, and via its relationship with international organizations and the United Nations system.

“On our behalf, once again, we really thank the Chinese people and President Xi Jinping for this cooperation, that arrives to help the treatment of patients with COVID-19 in the country,” the minister added.

New phase of vaccination against COVID-19
The minister indicated that Venezuela is in the second phase of vaccination with 151 active centers throughout the national territory.

Alvarado pointed out that each day between 60-70,000 vaccines are distributed to the vaccination centers, an amount that will increase as the entire population is served.

“There is a commitment to the Venezuelan people by the national government to immunize 70% of the population, or a little more than 22 million people,” affirmed Alvarado.

In this regard, Alvarado explained that to date over 400,000 doses of the 1.5 million vaccines that recently arrived from China have been distributed.

Alvarado asked Venezuelans for their continued patience and calm, because progressively each will be called to be immunized.


Featured image: 17th shipment of medical supplies from China arrived in Venezuela on a Conviasa flight. Photo courtesy of Venezuelan Ministry for Health.

(RedRadioVE) by Ana Perdigon

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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