Venezuela Reports 400 New COVID-19 Cases and 2 Deaths for Sunday

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reported 400 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, of which 365 were from community transmission.

Yaracuy state reported the most cases, a total of 96 new infections.

There were also 35 imported cases reported: 20 from Colombia, 12 from Peru and three from Ecuador.

Maduro also reported two new fatalities in the state of Táchira, reaching a total of 871 deaths since March in the Bolivarian Republic.

The president assured that 95% of cases have recovered.

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The president also reported that, thanks to cooperation with UNICEF, this Sunday Venezuela received a shipment of medical supplies and vaccines to reinforce the health care required by the Venezuelan population in the midst of the pandemic.

The shipment contains the following vaccines:

  • Trivalent Viral, BCG.
  • DTP, a mixture of three vaccines that immunize against diseases caused by diphtheria, bordetella pertussis, and tetanus.
  • Polio.

100% Flexible Reopening In Effect Since December

President Maduro reported that this week, beginning Monday, will represent the final week of radical quarantine required for 2020. He asked the population for awareness and patience because the pandemic persists.

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“I ask for support. Tomorrow we must enter the radical quarantine week. I know that it’s not easy because many are involved in commercial activities, but we must comply to keep the virus under control and to reduce the cases until we reach vaccination. Let’s not relax, to have Christmas with the family and a perfect New Year’s Eve, you have to take care of yourself,” he said.

The president announced that the entire month of December will follow safe “relaxation” of measures (flexible re-opening), but insisted on the need to wear masks and to comply with strict biosafety protocols to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

He reported on the percentages of reactivation of the sectors:

  • 76% industrial and recreation
  • 87% services
  • 88% traditional
  • 93% banking
  • 100% Seniat, SENCAMER
  • 99% SAIME
  • 64% CANTV
  • 70% Venetur hospitality

The president indicated that the economic sectors of the country have been activated for greater than 60% of the year. “People have been moving, they have to look for income for the season. I understand, but you have to take care of yourself.”

He once again drew the attention of those attending electoral campaign events and large events, and urged the candidates to ask attendees to follow biosafety regulations.

Return of migrants
President Maduro reported that 406 nationals returned to Venezuela in recent days using the Vuelta a la Patria program, and assured that the Bolivarian Government will maintain the plan, and air and land logistics, so that all Venezuelans can return to their country.

“Venezuela will continue to welcome all its compatriots with love, and the state will support them with everything they need to start a new life in their homeland.”


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