Venezuela Strengthens Alliances with Angola & South Africa

Venezuela’s Minister of Ecological Mining Development, Magaly Henríquez, and the Consul General for the Republic of Angola in Venezuela, Felisberto Fernándes Da Costa, agreed on the reactivation and strengthening of strategic alliances between both nations for the relaunch of Venezuela’s diamond industry.

The minister indicated that it was a fruitful meeting to improve bilateral cooperation and training exchange in the diamond sector, which will benefit the Mining Engine (mining development plan) and contribute to the diversification of Venezuela’s economy. “Alliances for mutual development,” wrote the minister on Twitter.

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Subsequently, the minister held a productive meeting with the South African ambassador, Joseph Nkosi, in order to solidify bilateral cooperation strategies in mining matters.

They reviewed the status of joint cooperation initiatives registered to date, in which institutional alliances and the participation of South African companies in productive investment projects in the Orinoco Mining Arc stand out.

It should be recalled that the government of Venezuela has held meetings with several nations who possess expertise in mining to promote exploration and development in the diamond field.


Featured image: Minister of Ecological Mining Development, Magaly Henríquez, and the South African ambassador, Joseph Nkosi. Photo: @mhenriquezvzla.

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