Youth Day in Venezuela: Chavista Call to Venezuelan Youth, 2 Demonstrations in Caracas

During the celebration of Youth Day in Venezuela, on Saturday, February 12, President Nicolás Maduro made an emotional call to the revolutionary youth of the nation, and assured that he and the Bolivarian government are committed to the fight against corruption, bureaucratism and criminality. The president made these remarks in a meeting with young people in Caracas, who marched from Petare (east Caracas) to Miraflores (center) to celebrate Youth Day.

“I have come to ask you, the youth, for help in the fight against corruption, crime, and bureaucratism,” said the president in his speech. “A sour, bitter fight.”

He lamented that every time someone whom one has known and trusts becomes corrupted, one feels bitterness and sadness. “But I say: in the face of rot and corruption, more Revolution,” President Maduro said.

President Maduro also called on the young people of Venezuela to deepen education and training to strengthen the Bolivarian Revolution and consolidate political power. A depoliticized people is an easy prey for right-wing oligarchic manipulation, he added.

“I am saying this today so that you all can get educated in ethical and political training, in the values ​​of Bolivarianism and of the roots of Chavismo, of 21st-century socialism,” the president stated.

Historical awareness
President Maduro also addressed the leaders of middle school students to promote the resurgence of the youth, from which new leaders of the Bolivarian process will come up for the future of the nation.

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He had a similar message for university students, inspiring them to innovate, create and strengthen the assemblies and student centers in each campus of all universities in the country.

At the event, the president also recognized the leadership of the revolutionary youth in the battles that the people have faced in recent years, in the conquest of new victories and in the construction of the nation’s future.

Mentioning that more than 80% of the students in secondary and university education study in the public, free and quality system, President Maduro asked for the strengthening of the organizations of the student movement.

“A new time is coming, a better time is coming, and it belongs to you, young people of Venezuela,” said President Maduro, addressing the youth gathering.

He also congratulated the minister of youth for the successful organization of the National Sports Games, in which the states of Miranda, Carabobo, and Caracas obtained the first three places.

Two demonstrations in Caracas
President Maduro gave his speech at the end of a Chavista demonstration, in which thousands of young people marched from the east to the west of Caracas. In parallel, there was another very small gathering of anti-Chavista forces called for by former deputy Juan Guaidó, in Chacao, east Caracas. Even the right-wing international media outlet, AFP, was forced to recognize that the Chavista march was huge while the opposition march was a failure.

“Thousands of Chavistas marched this Saturday in Caracas to reiterate their support for President Nicolás Maduro, while a smaller group of opponents gathered to respond to the call of ‘leader’ [quotation marks are ours] Juan Guaidó, who advocated for unity and the renewal of leadership,” wrote the French news outlet on its Twitter account.

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Below are several tweets showing the size of the Chavista demonstration:

Here are some of the tweets on the demonstration led by former deputy Guaidó:

Former Chavista minister, now an active anti-Chavista, Rodrigo Cabezas, became a trending topic in Venezuela as he joined Guaidó and his very few followers in the gathering that they organized in Chacao. In February 2019, Cabezas had met Guaidó, together with other anti-Chavista and liberal Venezuelans, just a few hours after Guaidó had proclaimed himself “interim president.” Along with Cabezas were Pedro Lander (a liberal academic), Gonzalo Gomez (from news outlet, Nicmer Evans (from the defunct Marea Socialista political movement), among other turncoats from Chavismo.

National Assembly Deputy Winston Vallenilla made fun of the size of the opposition demonstration, saying that it was full of imaginary people:



Featured image: Part of the Chavista demonstration marching near Los Cortijos, eastern Caracas. Photo: Twitter/@PartidoPSUV

(RedRadioVE) by José Manuel Blanco Díaz, with Orinoco Tribune content

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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