Zapatero: obsession with Venezuela is because enormous economical and political interest

Former President of the Government of Spain Jose Luis Zapatero said Saturday that “the obsession” that exists about Venezuela is because there is “a huge economic and political interest” behind, as stated in an exclusive interview with Radio La Pizarra.

Zapatero said during the interview that “the pressure” on the part of some countries of the world against Venezuela and its government, comes from an “economic and political” motivation in the face of what the Venezuelan system represents in the region.

“I’m surprised by the fixation about Venezuela; the permanent pressure that there is on any fact or opinion that is poured on Venezuela; the very biased information that exists about Venezuela, and I can only attribute it to the fact that there is a gigantic economic and political interest of a strategic nature on what that country represents, “said the former president.

In an interview with the Spanish economist and academic, Alfredo Serrano, the former ruler has also commented on the political situation in Latin America, and has pointed out that the region is “tendentially and sociologically mostly leftist”, even though at this moment “There is an excessive ideological fragmentation and an unresolved dialogue between revolution and democracy.”

Since 2016 Zapatero has been part of the mediators of the dialogue between the Government of Venezuela and the opposition of that country, which for months were held in the Dominican Republic.


Source URL: originally in Europa press

Translated by JRE

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