UN Delegation Visits Comprehensive Social Care Points (PASI) Near Colombian Border

Representatives of the United Nations Organization (UN) visited the Comprehensive Social Care Points (PASI) in the state of Apure -border with Colombia- this Friday, to learn about the sanitary protocols for the thousands of nationals who return to the country, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza reported using his twitter account.

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The PASI are epidemiological check points in border check points developed by the Venezuelan government to take care (for free) of the thousands of migrants returning to Venezuela. In those places rapid and molecular tests are practice to anyone entering the country, they also coordinate the mandatory quarantine of 14 days to anyone entering Venezuela while providing food and shelter, new tests after the quarantine and transfer to the cities of residence of all the migrants.

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The representatives of the UN met with the vice minister of the Chancellery for Multilateral Issues, Alexander Yánez, and other regional authorities, and the Venezuelan experience was shared, regarding the reception of Venezuelan migrants returning to their country, the attention and the combat against the global pandemic of Covid-19, according to an AVN report.


Since the beginning of the quarantine in Venezuela on March 15, more than 55 thousand Venezuelans have returned escaping from the Covid-19 catastrophe in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru and in that last month Venezuela have reported a surge in detected cases mainly coming from Colombia, putting at risk the humanitarian and effective response to Covid-19 launched by the government of Nicolas Maduro.


Source URL: Ultimas Noticias with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE

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