60% of Venezuelans Returning From Brazil are Positive for Covid-19

Jun 219, 2020.- The governor of Bolívar state in Venezuela, Justo Noguera Pietri, reported in a press conference that 60% of the nationals who enter through the border with Brazil arrive positive. This was determined after applying the Rapid Diagnostic Test (PDR), the reason why every day a plane travels to Caracas carrying proof of the positive cases.

Noguera also announced that 1,092 people are currently contained in the Comprehensive Social Care Points (Pasi), who are provided with free of charge logistical attention, food, healthcare and accommodations, while they carry out the collective quarantine of fourteen days.

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“All positive cases are contained in Santa Elena de Uairén, to prevent the vector that transmits the pandemic from reaching the rest of the country, everyone who enters through the health portal complies with this protocol.”

The governor called on citizens to know “the correct way to protect yourself from the pandemic is to use the face mask, for now there is no vaccine. China and Russia have an important advance, but while this is happening we should not expose the family on the street, we must protect ourselves,” warned Noguera.

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Likewise, the governor explained that there are a total of 8 vulnerable indigenous communities, on the border with Brazil, that are treated to prevent the vector from propagating in the area of the indigenous peoples.

Finally, he announced that the newborn wing starts operations on Monday, inaugurated by President Nicolás Maduro at the Uyapar Hospital, Caroní municipality, after they finish sterilizing the areas, so that the mothers are cared for in the three new high-tech operating rooms, with a daily capacity of 100 patients.



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