Admiral Remigio Ceballos: Colombia Preparing an Attack – Venezuelan Army Will Respond With Force

The head of the Ceofanb (Venezuelan Army Operational Command), Admiral Remigio Ceballos, said this Saturday that Colombia is preparing an attack against Venezuela. At the same time, he warned the Colombian government that the FANB would respond with force to any hostile act coming from Colombian territory.

“We are in the presence of a Colombian government that has attacked Venezuela the most in all of our history. What the Venezuelan people have done is receive continuous attacks by the Colombian government,” Ceballos wrote on his Twitter account, accompanied by a video where the Colombian Defense Minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, accuses the FANB of supplying arms to the guerrilla groups in that country.

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Likewise, he stressed that the Colombian authorities themselves have promoted the “theft of gasoline, the sale of Venezuelan currency and the smuggling of food” in order to “destabilize” Venezuela’s economy.

On the other hand, he recalled that since 2000 seven US bases have been installed in Colombia “to prepare their aggression against our nation and the entire region.”

“Today they carry out combined operations to support mercenary and terrorist groups against the Venezuelan state,” he added.

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The admiral asserted that “on February 23, 2019, violating international law, the Colombian government launched an attack from Cúcuta across the border bridges against Venezuela, breaking into the peace of the Republic, trying to violate our borders,” referring to the attempted force entry of alleged humanitarian aid, led by Juan Guaidó.

“The regular support to terrorist groups in Colombian territory, to plan and execute assassination attempts and attacks against the Venezuelan state has been a constant of aggression. Lies and false positives from the government of Colombia are the new normal, showing that the current government of Colombia is constantly attacking Venezuela and preparing a strong attack,” Ceballos published in another tweet.

He also blamed the Colombian government for sending infected Venezuelan migrants to the country “and here we receive them to cure and heal them,” he said.

Finally, he indicated that international intelligence agencies allied to the government of Nicolás Maduro handle information that Colombia is preparing an attack against Venezuela, for which he warned that “the FANB will respond with force.”

Featured image: Admiral Remigio Ceballos Cedeno. File photo.

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