Children drew and shared with the maestro Fruto Vivas

In the National Museum of Architecture (Musarq), of the National Museums Foundation (FMN), the Symposium to think about the city continues. Realities, processes and utopias, in which a tribute is paid to Fruto Vivas [one of the most renowned Venezuelan architects] and where the assistants have been able to share with the maestro, through various meetings and workshops.

In this opportunity, the children of the Educational Unit José Ignacio Cabrujas had the opportunity to participate in a workshop where they made drawings and they also witnessed the work and skills of the maestro Vivas, who still remains active and lucid in his abilities as a draftsman .

“They are very excited, the children here are those who have a real interest in drawing and art. They are happy because they want to learn, it’s an extra activity because it complements their education, “said Leidy Delgado, a teacher at the school.

The activity consisted of the children drawing, using materials such as tempera, colored chalk and pencil, on the subject they wanted, in addition the teacher Vivas made several self-portraits to those present.

Meanwhile, Alejandro López, director of Musarq, said that the importance of the workshop is for children to know one of the most important values in architecture, art and environmental policy. “Vivas is a very versatile man, he is a man who has a very interesting approach to life and draws very well. And to reunite it with the children, stimulates them to begin in the professional drawing, “he said.

He explained that this type of activities with children is not the first time it is done in the Musarq. He stressed that this dynamic can complement the education received by minors in school.

For the 29th, at 9:30 am, the activity in the Musarq opens with the conversations “Transportation and Roads” (by Rosa V. Ocaña and Víctor Artis) and “Urban Improvements”, by Carola Herrera and Martín Padrón . In the afternoon, the workshop “Students make a model with Fruto Vivas” and the continuation of “Ideas for a possible Caracas”, by Newton Rauseo, will take the 2nd floor of Musarq.

With the purpose of closing this great event, on Friday 30, at 9:30 a.m., a large plenary will be held with the presence of Vivas and a group of guests, who will exchange impressions and make the conclusions about these activities.

The four days of activities in tribute to Fruto Vivas will count on the collaboration of the Cinemateca Nacional Foundation, the Museum of the Print and Design Carlos Cruz-Diez (Medi) and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Armando Reverón (Maccar) of the FMN, the El Perro and La Rana Publishing Foundation, the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), the Ultimas Noticias Group and the Fo Calizaciones Collective.


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