Colombian Journalist Questioned Guaido’s Credibility (Guaido-Gate)

Colombian journalist Gustavo Castillo, correspondent for El Tiempo newspaper in Colombia, confirmed on Thursday the “little credibility” of Juan Guaidó’s emissaries in the border city of Cúcuta, after attending a press conference that instead of clarifying doubts to the media, left a dark trail of doubts, little transparency and much obscurity.

Castillo, who on Twitter says he works “from the border with Venezuela and Catatumbo,” sent a series of tweets detailing the series of problems he experienced at the press conference where the inventory of the “humanitarian aid” for Venezuela was presented.

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“Today I knew the true color of the Venezuelan opposition. They called a press conference to show the inventory of humanitarian aid for Venezuela, without spokespeople and with a non-transparent press accreditation, which was not even made public beforehand” he wrote in a first tweet.

“And as expected, the majority of Colombian journalists did not appear on the list. This generated annoyance and delayed access to the place. Inside they told us that they were only going to allow photographic recordings and videos for a period limited to 20 minutes,” he continued.

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He also criticized the spokesmen of the right who “reduced the accounting to two letter-size pages with the breakdown of the donors, names of the beneficiary foundations and with figures. But without explanations and without evidence for these figures”.

“We were all left with doubts: why, starting on June 10, did these donations begin to be distributed without being announced? How was the selection of the beneficiary foundations made? Who supervises the deliveries? And one more: are there guarantees that this food does not end up in some political stronghold?” he said.

Finally he added: “There is no worse press conference than one that awakens more doubts than those already existing. And this was one. A chain of unfortunate events that shows the little credibility of that political group that calls for the ‘cessation of usurpation’ and ‘free elections’ of the neighboring country. ”

The team of Guaidó in Cúcuta is the protagonist of a scandalous case of corruption, misappropriation of funds that are also intertwined with a series of crimes linked to drugs, prostitution, excesses, a murder, thousand-dollar expenses, luxuries, apartment purchases, cheating, lies, fraud and another series of irregularities that are investigated by the Venezuelan, Colombian and US authorities, specifically with Guaido’s executive board in Citgo, [itself] kidnapped by the Donald Trump government.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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