Cuba Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for its Fight Against Covid-19

The French organization Cuba Linda has recommended awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban medical brigades for their efforts to eradicate COVID-19.

“The international community is witnessing the solidarity of health professionals who leave their country to provide services and share experiences in other parts of the world, which in the case of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus even reaches the heart of Europe” the organization reported Tuesday.

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After highlighting the great work of Cuban doctors in saving lives in different parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America, the human rights organization stressed that the press cannot hide this solidarity that “causes surprise to many in Europe.”

The largest island in the Antilles has so far sent 21 brigades of health professionals to assist 20 countries in the world in their fight to eradicate the pandemic.

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Cuba has sent hundreds of doctors and nurses to various countries around the world to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 while being the victim of the blockade and unfair pressure from the United States.

Likewise, it has successfully used the drug Interferon Alfa 2B, produced on the island, to treat the symptoms of the virus and, in fact, some 15 countries have requested to purchase this drug.

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Featured image: A brigade of Cuban health professionals, ready to deploy in a country affected by the new coronavirus.

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