Cuban Drug Against Covid-19 to be Tested in US, Mexico and Brazil

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 5 (ACN)  The monoclonal antibody Itolizumab received authorization to start a phase III clinical trial in Covid-19 patients in the US, Mexico and Brazil, reported Cuba’s Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM).

Developed by that institution in collaboration with the India’s BIOCON company, this trial will consolidate the scientific pieces of evidence that supports the effective inclusion of the drug in the Cuba’s protocol for the Covid-19 treatment, warns the CIM on Twitter.

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Winner of one of the National Awards of the Cuban Academy of Sciences in 2014, in the Biomedical Sciences category, the product has an anti-inflammatory and immuno-regulatory effect.

Recently, Cuban researchers also shared on social networks an article published in the Gerontology Journal about the country’s experience of Itolizumab’s use in elderly Covid-19 patients.

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According to the text, the study combined the timely use of this monoclonal antibody with other antiviral and anticoagulant therapies to reduce the worsening of Covid-19 and mortality.

‘The humanized Itolizumab antibody emerges as a therapeutic alternative for Covid-19 patients and suggests its possible use in others with cytokine release syndrome due to other pathologies,’ indicates the scientific article.

Experts assured that this innovative product of Cuban biotechnology allowed reducing the number of critical patients.


(Cuban News Agency)

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