Eight Complementary Working Tables are Formed Within the National Dialogue (Video)

The National Dialogue Table initiated last week between the government and the Venezuelan opposition, will have eight complementary working tables, as reported on Monday by the Minister of Communications, Jorge Rodríguez. “We have decided on the creation of eight complementary work tables that, in a period of no more than 20 days from their formation, will render a report so that the whole country can give an opinion, can know about the evolution of their work,” Rodríguez said, from the Meliá Caracas Hotel, where a new day of the National Dialogue Table was held.

Rodriguez explained that each table has been created based on the partial agreements already established within the dialogue meetings.

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  • The first table will discuss electoral issues, electoral guarantees and proportional representation;
  • The second table will study the cases of persons deprived of liberty during the violent demonstrations that were recorded in recent years, so that they can be passed on to the Commission for Truth, Justice and Peace, and for the attention to the victims.
  • The third table is aimed at Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity in the face of the constant threats that the country has on the part of the United States and irregular groups on the border with Colombia.

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  • The fourth table will deal with all aspects of the national economy. They will discuss solutions to the blockade of the United States government and its allies against Venezuela, in addition to the conformation of the Petroleum Program for food, medicine and basic supplies, all this within the framework already prepared by the United Nations, Rodríguez explained.
  • The fifth table will be of institutional balance and political rights, for the coexistence of public powers and the work of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).
  • The sixth table will work on the social rights of the population and the issue of migration
  • The seventh and eighth tables, are aimed at political parties and social movements affected by the Bolivarian revolution or the opposition, who want to join the initiative of national dialogue.

Rodriguez said that in the coming days these tables will be installed, as well as, they will be calling for “all the living forces of Venezuela to participate.”

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/EF

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