European Union to Support World Food Program Operations in Venezuela

The European Union has confirmed that it will financially support the operations of the World Food Program (WFP) in Venezuela, reported the EU delegation office in Caracas. This was established during a donors’ meeting.

Rafael Dochao Moreno, representative of the EU in Venezuela, stated that the donor meeting adopted “a very clear objective: to ensure that tens of thousands of children in Venezuela can benefit from our help and that their daily diet can be improved.”  

For his part, President Nicolás Maduro announced on Thursday, September 16, that his administration had signed a new agreement with the WFP, after meeting with the director of the UN agency, David Beasley.

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“We have signed a commitment to cooperate with this prestigious international organization [WFP], with which we have had important achievements and we are going for more,” wrote President Maduro on Twitter.

The EU also assured that the fundraising session was a “symbol of the international community’s commitment to the humanitarian crisis” that Venezuela is experiencing.  

The EU did not make any comments regarding the unilateral coercive measures, which have been identified by independent experts, including UN Special Rapporteur and human rights expert Alena Douhan, as the structural cause behind the economic and social crisis in Venezuela. 



Featured image: UN World Food Program director, David Beasley, and President Nicolás Maduro, shake hands after finalizing an agreement to provide school meals to Venezuelan children, on April 20 in Caracas. Photo: Miraflores Press Handout


Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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