Has Borges Turned against Guaidó? He Demands Answers on Crystallex, PetroParaguay and CITGO Scandals

Former Venezuelan deputy and fugitive from justice Julio Borges, who served as “foreign minister” for former deputy, the self-proclaimed “interim president” of Venezuela Juan Guaidó, demanded from him explanations about the corruption plot related to the theft of assets of the Venezuelan State abroad.

“From Primero Justicia we want to insist on the necessity to show concrete results of the investigations that we have requested, in order to clarify whether there was a transparent management of public funds,” Borges said through his Twitter account.

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In another tweet, he highlighted that “it is essential to respond to each case that has created doubts in public opinion and to give access to all the information necessary to correctly clarify each of the events.”

He ended by noting that “Venezuela deserves an explanation on cases regarding the protection of assets abroad, like Crystallex, PetroParaguay; the handling of the Simón Bolívar Foundation of CITGO; the irregularities of the Commission of the Comptroller of the previous National Assembly, among others. The right thing to do is to display transparency in management.”

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It should be remembered that Borges was one of the leaders who, as a member of the previous National Assembly administration the term of which ended in 2020, promoted unilateral sanctions against Venezuela by the United States and the European Union, in addition to having participated in the self-proclaimed “interim presidency” of Juan Guaidó as his so-called foreign minister.

Meanwhile Guaidó shows his “strength in the streets”

Realizing that something was going wrong even within his fake cabinet, Guaidó decided to show his strength in the streets of east Caracas, but managed to gather only a handful of right-wing sympathizers and created a Twitter uproar with a pre-fabricated photo operation.

Analyzing the comments to a post in which Guaidó presented himself as if he had just happened to join a spontaneous protest, “one of many that occur in all corners of Venezuela on a daily basis,” it can be seen easily that Venezuelan netizens have questioned the spontaneity of the photo operation and mocked former deputy Guaidó.



Featured image: Former deputy Juan Guaidó. File photo.

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