High Participation in Mass Vaccination in Venezuela

Mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 continues in Venezuela with high participation of Venezuelans in the second phase of the national vaccination process to contain the effects of the pandemic, AVN reported this Saturday, June 5.

Hotel Alba Caracas in the capital is one of the 77 vaccination centers enabled in the national territory to guarantee the health of the people.

Maria Antonieta González, who got her dose at this center, told Venezolana de Televisión (VTV) that “everything was complete in less than 30 minutes. They gave us our Carvativir. I urge all older adults who get contacted by the Patria System to go and get vaccinated.”

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Another Caracas native, Maritza Niño, said that she was at the Alba Caracas Hotel immunization center “by her own free will.” ”I received my text message, they already gave me my card, here they give us the medicine and a talk about the steps to follow after this process,” she told the outlet. ”It was very simple. With regard to care, the health and safety personnel are very affectionate.”

Since Saturday, May 29, the second phase of mass vaccination began in Venezuela in an effort to contain the spread the COVID-19 pandemic.

Venezuelans are being contacted through a text message from the Patria System that inform them when and where they will be vaccinated.

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The Minister for Health, Carlos Alvarado, recently explained that those who are not registered in the Patria System can register on the webpage of the Ministry of Health, www.mpps.gob.ve, to receive the vaccine dose.

He also informed that healthcare workers who have not been vaccinated yet for not belonging to any public health center, must register through the webpage www.sacs.gob.ve.

”We have planned to vaccinate 70% of the population by December this year. As doses continue to arrive in the country, we hope to create herd immunity,” said Alvarado in an interview with VTV.


Featured image: Venezuelan senior citizen waiting to get vaccinated against COVID-19 at the Alba Caracas Hotel. Photo courtesy of Últimas Noticias.

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