La Victoria and El Ripial Calm and Under Military Protection (Apure State)

The commander of the Strategic Integral Defense Region (REDI) Los Llanos, General Alejandro Guevara Hernández, reported that the people of El Ripial, La Victoria and other areas of the Apure state are “calm and under the protection of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB).”

He also informed that the inhabitants of these communities are receiving food, medicine and other necessary items from the social programs of the Venezuelan government. In addition, electrical services and water supply in the regions have already been restored.

The Venezuelan military chief added that “we are continuing scrutiny and search operations; we will not rest until we have expelled the last of the narco-terrorists.”

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Various reports from the ground, like those tweeted by Venezuelan journalist Orlenys Ortiz, show FANB officers holding face to face meetings with the affected communities in a manner that can only be achieved in a country like Venezuela where the civic-military union is part of the comprehensive national defense doctrine.

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Featured image: Venezuelan armed forces are expelling Colombian narco-paramilitary gangs and defending the people in Apure state. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

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