Let’s do Our Job Well

By Mercedes Chacin

When it began to sound “January 10”, at the beginning of December 2018, we did not understand immediately. What do they demand? What do they invent now? Well, from some old lapel, from some rickety sleeve, from some awkward and unhealthy spirit, that the presidency of Nicolás Maduro is not legitimate. A perfect “journalistic pot” for social networks. A perfect fake news. And it’s so perfect because it does not exist. The more lie a “trend” is, the more successful it is. The more preposterous it is, the more it is believed by some perennially clueless or perversely perverse sector of the country and what they call the international community. Social networks, unfortunately, are much closer to the lies than to the truth. And it is not a failure of origin. The networks emerged as a legitimate result of human beings expression, but mutated to instruments of manipulation and deception.

How are they going to come out seven months after the elections with this that they do not recognize it? How is it that you do not know that Henry Falcon was a candidate? How do you forget the soup candidate, Javier Bertucci? How do you do not know the number of votes that Nicolás Maduro Moros got in a fair fight? How do they ignore the hot audits carried out by the National Electoral Council (among the almost 20 other audits)? How do they ignore the elections of May 24, 2018, if they previously recognized governors and deputies that won the opposition with the same electoral system? That, as far as to the opposition leadership concerns. But there are other issues that are not false. That they are not things of imperialism. That they are not things of the Venezuelan opposition. They are not trendsetters. They are not things from social networks.

The deterioration of public services is not a matter of social networks. It is not a matter of social networks that phones “are linked” as was the case in the 80s. It is not social networks that go through the lack of gas. It is not thing of the social networks the almost nonexistence of the public transport. There is no issue of social networks the electric (or Internet) blackouts. It is not a thing of the social networks the accusations to the military on charges of corruption, on abuse in the check points, on odious privileges. It is not a matter of social networks problems with drinking water and urban cleansing. It is not a matter of social networks the decline of values that result in inhuman bachaquerismo with everything, but it’s especially harmful or fatal when it comes to food and medicines. It is not a matter of social networks the “save yourself if you who can” that saddens our life, because that only gives sadness.

That’s why by 2019 we have to defend the Homeland of those who want to plunder it, yes. We have to defend the Homeland of those who want to own all our resources.

But it’s also about us doing our job well. The policeman, the doctor, the teacher, the sweeper, the cook, the journalist, the photographer, the artist, the creator, the nurse, the military, the scientist, the salesman, the bureaucrat, the student, the professional and the technique, the worker. If only each one of us tried to do the job right, what we did not do, we can claimed it from the Government. But claim without moral, no. We even have to make good claims. Let’s keep going.

Source URL: Ciudad CCS

Translated by JRE / AR