New Barinas Governor: ‘Nicolás Maduro is the President & I Cannot Ignore That’

Opposition politician Sergio Garrido, the new governor of Barinas state following the election on January 9, did not hesitate to recognize that Nicolás Maduro is the legitimate and acting president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Garrido made the statement during an interview on a private radio station.

According to information released through social media networks, journalist Vladimir Villegas asked the recently proclaimed governor who he would speak to first if he received phone calls from both the head of state Nicolás Maduro, and former deputy Juan Guaidó, at the same time.

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Faced with this question, the governor acknowledged the legitimacy of the constitutional head of state. “If I am being honest with you,” said Garrido, “I would answer Nicolás Maduro. He is the president, whether we want him to be or not.”

“Nicolás Maduro is the President who is in office,” added Garrido, “and I cannot ignore that. It is a reality.”

Commenting on the interview on his Twitter account, Venezuelan analyst Luigino Bracci noted that Garrido said “Juan Guaidó is the president recognized by the world, but you have to have your feet on the ground.”

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Venezuelan democracy
Upon winning its fourth governorship of Venezuela’s 23 governorships, Garrido received immediate recognition from the runner-up, PSUV candidate Jorge Arreaza.

However, Arreaza also issued a strong message to Garrido, asking the right wing not to engage in destabilizing and unconstitutional activities, like the ones it has instigated in the past. This would represent an attack against the people of the state of Barinas.

For this reason, the revolutionary leader exhorted Barinas’ new governor to “manage his victory well,” and not to commit errors of judgement because the people, the government, justice, and the Constitution would prevail should Garrido attempt to disturb the peace of Venezuela.


Featured image: New Barinas state governor Sergio Garrido while voting last Sunday. Photo: EFE.

(RedRadioVE) by José Manuel Blanco Díaz

Translation: Orinoco Tribune



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