New Uruguayan Foreign Minister: “Venezuela is a Dictatorship” – Chancellor Arreaza: Go Study

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, responded this Monday, July 20, to what was stated by the new foreign minister in Uruguay, Francisco Bustillo, who pointed out that in Venezuela there is allegedly a “dictatorship” .

Arreaza replied through his Twitter account to the southern diplomat: “Welcome, Chancellor Bustillo. I suggest that you refresh your extensive knowledge of the principles of International Law, study the Constitutional Law of Venezuela and avoid ideologizing your country’s foreign policy by [partisanship]. Long live Bolívar and Artigas!”

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Bustillo’s statements were made during his inauguration, which took place at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Montevideo after replacing Ernesto Talvi who resigned after pressures from right wing President Luis Lacalle Pou, for not being tough enough with Venezuela.

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Ernesto Talvi is a strong presidential prospect within the conservative “National Party”. After resigning he made public a proposal to reform Uruguayan commercial diplomacy and according to local media the President was not consulted about the proposal.

“In accordance with public international law, democratic norms, my own conviction, that of the President of the Republic, that of the entire government, and I have no doubts that that of any inhabitant born in the land of Artigas, with freedom I do not offend or fear, Venezuela is a dictatorship,” emphasized the brand new Uruguayan official.

Featured image: Luis Almagro and Francisco Bustillo during a conference at the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2010. File photo courtesy of the Uruguayan Presidency.

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