Orinoco Tribune Positioning Itself Among the Best Websites of its Kind

Caracas, 26/Jun/2019.- Orinoco Tribune is a new website launched officially the first week of December 2018 with the main goal of filling an information niche mostly forgotten by similar websites of its kind.

“We have prioritized translating news pieces and articles about day to day debates and events happening in Venezuela, that most of the time are not being translated and as a result the Venezuelan seasoning, thinking and debating is being made invisible outside Venezuela, significantly reducing international inputs for more accurate analysis and studies about Venezuela’s reality” said Elizabeth Ferrari, website co-editor.

Alexa Traffic Rank is one of the most important services to benchmark websites worldwide and, as of yesterday, Orinoco Tribune is ranked in position 875,073. Currently there are almost 1.7 billion websites according to “Internet Live Stats” and conservatively, 15% of them are “active websites” (255 million). This means Orinoco Tribune is in the top 0.3% of all active websites in the world in less than 7 months and that is the result of its audience and readers to whom the OT team is very thankful.

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In terms of Benchmark, Venezuelanalysis.com ranks at 174,036, Mision Verdad is in a better position (113,839), Supuesto Negado comes next at 432,777 and 15 y Ultimo‘s position 598,575. Orinoco Tribune also relies in content from Alba Ciudad and La IguanaTV but the first ranks in position 6,198 (too far from OT currently) and the last in position 94,107 (a government outlet).

Venezuelanalaysis.com has been live for almost 16 years, Mision Verdad for 6 years, Supuesto Negado for more than 3 years and 15 y Ultimo also a bit more than 3 years. Orinoco Tribune uses those websites as references due to their consistently excellent work and the quality of their content. In less than 7 months OT has managed to rank close to them.

“We would not have reached this level of relevance without the support of our followers on social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram) and our readers. We owe them a big thank you”, said Elizabeth Ferrari.

“In 2019, 49% of our visitors are from the USA, 9% from Canada, 4% from UK. The top ten countries visiting OT are: USA, Canada, UK, Venezuela, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, Germany, Brazil and the Netherlands, in that order,” added Ferrari.

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“We are a completely independent website, we do not receive funding from ads or government money of any kind, we actually are scratching out a living, dealing with hyperinflation and deteriorating services as a consequence of US sanctions but also of terrible management, we actually do not have -since January- internet or phone service in our base office (provided by state managed CANTV) and all the work we do is done using and paying celular data providers that are currently terribly expensive in Venezuela, but besides that we keep moving forward because we love what we do”, said Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza, editor and founder of the website.

“We will keep doing our work disregarding the adversities because we love what we do and we also understand the need of information demanded by our readers. We will overcome all obstacles and in the near future we expect to open a weekly (5 minute) video section from Venezuela and a Sunday section to debate about readers submissions/comments, about popular or relevant published pieces and about US politics”, concluded Rodriguez-Espinoza.


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