PDVSA Carries Out Environmental Cleaning in “Golfete de Coro” (Falcon State) due to Oil Leak

In a statement PDVSA informs that they follow security protocols to guarantee the supply of crude from Zulia to the “Paraguana Refining Complex” (CRP aka Amuay Refinery) and thus minimize the environmental impact on the ecosystem.

Petróleos de Venezuela reported, through a statement, that it carries out environmental sanitation in the area affected by the oil leak that arose on line 1 Ulé-Amuay and in the uderwater gas pipeline of the same corridor, near the “Golfete de Coro” area, in the Miranda municipality of Falcón state.

Last Friday president Nicolas Maduro announced the detention of what he defined as a US spy, a former US marine with weapons, satellite communication equipment and a big amount of US dollars in cash in the surrounding area.

Another perspective of the incident.

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In the document they state that after this operational event was confirmed via air inspection, the leaks were addressed and corrected, following the security protocols defined to guarantee the supply of crude from Zulia to the Paraguaná Refining Complex (CRP), and to minimize the environmental impact to the ecosystem.

“Currently a sanitation plan is being executed in conjunction with the Ministry for Ecosocialism and a highly specialized team in solve this type of operational event.


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It is important to highlight the active participation of the communities and fishermen in the area, who with commitment joined in the cleaning operations.

The quick action of the crews allowed continuity in the supply of crude to the CRP, guaranteeing operations in this important refining oil facility in the west of the country.

Thanks to the timely actions of the emergency and environmental control organizations linked to the state oil company, it was possible to control the leakage of crude oil, applying strategic, tactical and operational maneuvers to respond to this unwanted event.

Simultaneously, with the cleaning and sanitation work, an operational technical committee was activated that will have the task of carrying out, together with the pertinent organizations, an exhaustive investigation and determining the causes of this incident. ”


Featured image: Photo of the underwater leakage. Courtesy of nuevodia.com.ve.


Translation: OT/JRE

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