Photo Gallery: El Aissami Received Iranian Tanker “Fortune” in “El Palito” Refinery

Venezuelan Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami led the welcoming ceremony for the Iranian tanker Fortune on Monday, the first of five vessels from the Persian nation with significant shipments of fuel and components for processing it. He noted that, with the arrival of these vessels, the self-determination of the peoples is reaffirmed in the face of threats from the United States government. “What a great fortune to have Iran in these times! What a great fortune for Venezuela to be respected in the international context,” said El Aissami, in a TV broadcast on Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

Iranian sailor with a Venezuelan flag hat, holding a Venezuelan and Iranian flag and also holding a mug with Hugo Chavez face on it. Photo taken from @camilatelesur on twitter.

He added: “Venezuela has the right to freedom of commerce (…) This is a fact that demonstrates the solidarity of the peoples. Thank you (Iran) for your bravery, for your resolve,” said El Aissami.

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El Aissami asserted that, with this gesture by Iran, peace diplomacy was ratified. “We are a people of peace, a people of love, a people who want to be free and our resolve for it is firm and irrevocable. We are not anyone’s colony, we are not going to kneel to any power, we are a rebellious people, a Caribbean people.”

The minister stressed that Iran also has that same determination. “Stop! Let the intentions of hegemonic domination cease over peoples who seek their own path.”

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Last Saturday, the first tanker from Iran, named the Fortune, loaded with gasoline to help in the fuel shortages, arrived in Venezuela’s territorial waters, as part of the cooperation and peace agreements between the two nations that cover various sectors, among them the energy sector. The vessel was guarded by the Bolivarian army and military aviation, in the face of threats from the United States government to prevent its arrival, and it arrived at the El Palito refinery port on Monday shortly after midnight.

Likewise, on Monday, the second ship, Forest, with more gasoline cargo arrived in Venezuelan waters.

In total, five ships are expected to reach the nation. The other three are the Petunia, Faxon and Clavel, and their arrival is considered an act of self-determination and sovereignty by Venezuela in the face of US threats and are existential due to the effects of US sanctions on recent fuel shortages in the South American country.

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