Poisonings Increase in the US after Trump’s Latest Medical Advice

US emergency services served more than 100 cases of disinfectant poisoning following Trump’s suggestion to use them to treat COVID-19.

The Poison Control Center reported Friday that at least 100 US residents were hospitalized after ingesting detergent or bleach as part of the recommendation made last Thursday by the US president, Donald Trump, to use disinfectant as a prevention measure against the outbreak of the nobel coronavirus, causing COVID-19.

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According to the New York Daily News, the Poison Control Center also received thirty calls related to exposure to bleach, Lysol disinfectant and other cleaning products, about 18 hours after the American president “advised” its intake.

Despite the alerts issued by American doctors and experts, some citizens took the words of the New York magnate literally, thinking that they would be cured, when in fact they were poisoning themselves.

“We have received several calls with questions related to the use of disinfectants for COVID-19. This is a reminder that under no circumstances should any disinfecting product be administered to the body by injection, ingestion, or any other route,” the Maryland Emergency Management Agency explained in its Twitter account.

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Likewise, Mike Ricci, communication director of the governor of the aforementioned state, Larry Hogan, in turn, placed great emphasis on the warning not to use these products to treat the coronavirus through his social networks.

Trump’s bizarre proposal originated from a study by the Department of Homeland Security that indicated that “heat and humidity” suppress the coronavirus, as do “commonly used disinfectants,” such as bleach or isopropanol alcohol. Their conclusions encouraged the US President to present his own “scientific theories” about its application in patients who have contracted COVID-19.

However, shortly after his bizarre suggestion, the President backed down and said his comments had been made sarcastically, blaming the media for what happened, adding that they misrepresented his words.

According to official data offered by the Worldometer portal, the US, with more than 970,500 diagnosed cases and some 55,000 deaths, is experiencing a catastrophe due to the pandemic and Trump’s terrible handeling of it.

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