President Maduro Announced 6 New Confirmed Coronavirus Cases for a 181 Total – Venezuela Moving to Massive Screenings

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros , reported this Sunday that 6 new positive cases for Covid -19 were recorded in the country, for a total of 181 infected patients and zero [new] fatalities.

During a meeting of the Presidential Covid-19 Commission at the Miraflores Palace, Maduro said that 3 of the new cases were registered in Nueva Esparta, 2 in Aragua and 1 in Miranda.

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“Three of these new confirmed cases today are in Nueva Esparta state. They are all related to the Maneiro municipality. The other two cases are in the Aragua state; and the last case is in the Baruta municipality, in the Miranda state, ” he explained.

“We are reaching 181 cases , with 93 recovered. I do not want to see people infected at home, I no longer want to see this number in statistics, everyone who has the virus must be hospitalized to avoid new infections.”

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Moving from personalized extended screenings to mass extended screenings

President Maduro announced that Venezuela is moving from “personalized extended screening to mass extended screening”, that is, house-to-house visits to families throughout the country.

He said that this strategy has been put into practice thanks to the collaboration and humanitarian aid provided by China and Russia. And he ratified that social distancing measures are not going to be lifted because the threats of resurgence due to the coronavirus crisis in Brazil, Colombia and the USA.

“We are doing thousands of tests, we are going to look at all the people in their homes, they are doing physical exams. We have managed to reach 12 million people on house-to-house visits,” said the head of state.

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