Reopening Scheme in Venezuela Modified from 5 + 10 to 7 + 7

This Saturday and Sunday will be working days in Venezuela for the prioritized sectors announced last weekend by President Maduro. An exception remains in the municipalities that are under special curfew conditions and those that are part of the sanitary cordon in the border states with Colombia and Brazil.

On the night of this Friday, June 5, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez reported that President Nicolás Maduro, after a comprehensive analysis with his group of advisers, decided to ease the reopening scheme from the 5 + 10 formula to a 7 + 7.

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“That is to say, this Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, will be workable for the 10 sectors announced last weekend and which began to work on June 1. Then the 7 days of rigorous moving back to quarantine will come,” said the vice president.

She made it clear that the municipalities that are under special curfew conditions and the municipalities that are part of the sanitary cordon in the border states are kept out of this 7 + 7 flexibility scheme.

In the case of Zulia, the formula does not apply to Mara, Guajira, Jesús María Semprún, Maracaibo or San Francisco, as noted on Saturday, May 30, due to the “Mercado de las Pulgas” outbreak.

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Coronavirus in the country

The vice president pointed out that in the last 24 hours 7 new cases of Covid-19 from community transmission were detected. One is from Aragua, another from Miranda and five from Mérida.

There are 51 ‘imported’ cases. She detailed that 39 come from Colombia, 7 from Ecuador, 2 from Peru and 3 are by international contact and are in a community of Pemones, in Bolívar state.

The number of coronavirus cases in the country reached 2,145 this Friday, she said. “78% correspond to imports. Only from Colombia 1,001 cases have been detected, from Brazil 193, from Peru 54, from Ecuador 40, from Spain 29, among others.”

She recalled that since April 6, the country has received more than 55,000 nationals across the borders and the total number of international cases amounts to 1,668 Venezuelans.

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Translated by JRE/EF