Small Right Wing Parties Propose Another Term for Guaidó Breaking National Assembly Internal Rules

When the opposition won the majority of the National Assembly (AN) in December 2015, they publicly signed a “Governance Agreement”, which was supposed to distribute power in Parliament equally, from major to minor parties.

The first year (2016-2017), the presidency of the Parliament to went to AD (Democratic Action), with Henry Ramos Allup in the lead, the second year (2017-2018) was for Primero Justicia, with Julio Borges, and the third year, the 2018 period -2019, Omar Barboza, from Un Nuevo Tiempo, and 2019-2020, Juan Guaidó, of Popular Will.

It is understood that for this period, 2020-2021, the president of the AN should come out of the so-called “minority parties” in an alleged show of political plurality, but apparently, this pact was broken in favor of Popular Will (Juan Guaido).

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And so, recently, representatives of 17 small opposition parties decided to give a press conference in which they said they would give their support to Guaidó, to repeat his term as President, but of the AN.

“The parties that represent the majority of those who are responsible for assuming the presidency of the National Assembly in 2020, in accordance with the Parliamentary Governance Agreement signed on December 15, 2015, decided to support Juan Guaidó as president of the National Assembly and as president in charge of the republic until we achieve the cessation of usurpation”, says a statement read by the deputy Carlos Berrizbeitia, from Proyecto Venezuela.

If the “agreement” had been fulfilled as established, Guiadó would sit back in his regular seat, the presidency of the Legislative Power would be handed to one of these groups, while the first vice-presidency would go to Justice First and the second to Popular Will.

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However, this eventual “new term” of Guaidó at the head of the AN, which the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) declared in contempt years ago and its decisions null, depends on the possibility of an early election.

Both the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, and President Nicolás Maduro himself, have lately presented the idea of calling for early elections for the National Assembly.

Last week, Maduro said that this election would be “soon” “to give the country a new National Assembly that is re-empowered, legal, constitutional, hardworking and useful to the country.”

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Translated by JRE/EF



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