Task Force on the Americas Statement on the Passing of Kevin Zeese

By Task Force on the Americas – Sep 6, 2020


The peace and solidarity movement lost a giant when Kevin Zeese (October 28, 1955-September 6, 2020) passed. Kevin – along with his life partner Margaret Flowers – led in the most exemplary way by doing the heavy lifting, by encouraging and mentoring others, by strategically charting the course of action, and by providing acute political clarity on the pressing issues of our times. Kevin’s lifework was about building a people’s movement in this time of social transformation.

A lawyer by training and an activist by passion, he was a brilliant tactician helping to organize protests against injustice as with his deep involvement in the Occupy Movement. He honed his considerable skills through hard work and engagement.

Kevin and Margaret founded Popular Resistance, a resource and information clearinghouse for the movement. Popular Resistance fosters a culture of resistance for real democracy and empowerment. Activities include a blogsite, interviews and podcasts, and training schools for movement activists.

Kevin was a leader in the Green Party, serving most recently as the press secretary for their current presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, and for Ralph Nader in 2004. While putting in countless hours, he helped shape popular sentiment from inchoate discontent to political action.

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A life-long peace activist, he helped found the national anti-war organization Voters for Peace. He stood for and advocated non-intervention by the US in the affairs of other nations. He served on the National Board of the US Peace Council, Executive Committee of the Coalition Against US Foreign Military Bases, and Global Campaign Against US/NATO Military Bases.

Kevin truly understood and communicated that a better world is possible and a better USA is necessary. He led by literally putting his body in the line of fire. He was one of the “final four” Venezuela Embassy Protectors in Washington, DC. Kevin was a leader in the international solidarity movement with a special focus on Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela’s foreign minister, tweeted upon hearing of Kevin’s passing that he was a “brave activist for peace and human rights defender – one of the American heroes.”

In addition to all their political activities, Kevin and Margaret tended a home vegetable garden, which was a source of nutrition for body and soul. Kevin was our tireless most valuable player in the movement for social justice. Now it is his time to rest and our time to emulate.

We offer our condolences to Margaret and family for the loss of our beloved comrade and brother.


Board of Directors, Task Force on the Americas


(Task Force on the Americas)

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