Venezuela: 62 New Coronavirus Cases for a Total 945

Venezuela confirmed a total of 62 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, bringing the number to 944 infected, reported the Minister for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez.

In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, Rodríguez explained that eight are of community transmission, 44 are imported cases and 10 are due to contact with international travelers.

He explained that of the 44 imported cases 42 are from Colombia, of them 25 entered through Táchira and 17 through Apure and 2 returned through Brazil.

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Regarding the 10 contacts with international travelers, the minister was energetic in calling security personnel, doctors and collaborators to respect the sanitary protocols for the cases of Venezuelan migrants coming back to Venezuela across the border.

Of the contacts with international travelers, 6 of them are officers of the police stationed at the Santa Elena de Uairen checkpoint in Bolívar state and 4 are collaborators in FASI (an agency dealing with migrants returning and under quarantine) posts in Lara state.

He stressed that Venezuela is the only country in the world that in recent weeks has received more than 47 thousand people returning to their country, which increases the exponential curve of the pandemic due to the arrival from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

He added that since May 9, 556 cases have been detected in the country, 441 of which are imported.

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Of the 8 cases by community transmission, five are from the Casacoima municipality of the Delta Amacuro state, a locus that involves health personnel apparently infected when treating patients with Covid-19.

  • The first of these is a 54-year-old woman given the rapid test and tested positive, was asymptomatic and was confined to a sentinel hospital.
  • The second is a 46-year-old man who tested positive on PCR test and is asymptomatic and was also hospitalized.
  • The third is a 55-year-old female nurse who underwent a PCR test, tested positive, was isolated, and was confined to a hospital.
  • The fourth is a 24-year-old woman who also underwent PCR and was positive.
  • Likewise, a 34-year-old female laboratory worker who tested positive for PCR.
  • The sixth case is a 34-year-old male nurse from the Libertador municipality of Mérida state who tested positive for PCR test and is in a CDI.
  • In Miranda, a 31-year-old nutritionist from the Baruta municipality in Santa Cruz del Este had contact with an infected person and tested positive in the PCR test.
  • The eighth and last case is a three-year-old boy from the Morán municipality of Lara state, who has mild symptoms and the PCR test was applied, yielding a positive result and he is being treated by pediatricians.

The Venezuelan government has carried out – as of this Friday – 735,426 tests for the detection of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the country, this figure is equivalent to 24,514 tests per million inhabitants.

CCS City / José Antonio Ramírez

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