Mendacity: Pompeo Now Blaming Maduro for DirecTV Closing of Operations in Venezuela

The Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, this Friday, May 22, exploded new irony meters about the cessation of DIRECTV operations in Venezuela, a measure that is an effect of US sanctions against the Caribbean nation. He even blamed President Nicolás Maduro for this action.

“Why can’t Venezuelans watch Futbol Total? Because Nicolás Maduro drove DirecTV out. Protecting his cronies and their money is more important than allowing ten million citizens access to uncensored information,” the former CIA Director wrote on his Twitter account.

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DirectTV, according to their own numbers, has a 45% share in the Venezuelan subscription TV business — meaning aproximately 2.5 million housholds or 7 to 9 million Venezuelans use their service.

“It is striking that Pompeo implies in the last part of his tweet that 10 million Venezuelans had access to unsensored information before the US OFAC forced AT&T to close operations in Venezuela, because in Washington they have spent the last 2 decades declaring that there is no freedom of information in Venezuela, contradictory indeed,” a political analyst said to Orinoco Tribune.

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The US company DirecTV , a subsidiary of AT&T, decided to stop offering satellite television service in Venezuela due to unilateral coercive measures imposed by the Donald Trump regime, which were promoted by the opposition deputy Juan Guaidó and his seditious group.

Right wing operators inside and outside Venezuela have been trying to twist the fact reflected in the suspension of service notice from DirecTV itself, pointing at US sanctions as the cause for this decision. They have been trying to blame President Maduro for this new US aggression saying he was at fault for not allowing the US to take Globovision and PDVSA TV out of the channel list in an exercise of pure submission to a foreign country.

Featured image: Antennas of the satellite tv company Directv are seen in the low-income neighborhood Catia after AT&T Inc said on Tuesday it has closed its DirecTV Latin America operations in Venezuela due to US sanctions.

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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