Venezuela Adjusts School Calendar After the Electric Attack

The National Government adapts the school calendar to recover the academic days that were missed by the sabotage of the National Electric System (SEN), informed the vice-president of the Sector for the Development of Social and Territorial Socialism, Aristóbulo Istúriz.

During a meeting with the authorities of the different ministries that make up this vice-presidency, Istúriz explained: “We have informed all sectors of public and private education that starting tomorrow we will restart the classes with the adjustments we have to make”.

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First, he stressed that the objective is to recover lost time, in this way by means of a memo sent to each educational institution, they have been informed.

Aristóbulo Istúriz said that from the 03 to the 11th of April is the closing of the second pedagogical stage; a date that was affected after the aggression to the National Electric System (SEN) of Venezuela.

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He stressed that the third school term will start on April 29 to July 12 and for the programming of the closure (term end) will be between July 25 and 26. The graduation ceremonies new dates will be between July 29 and 31. “There was no class because of the impact of terrorism and that is why the adjustment in the school calendar is necessary,” added the vice-president for the Development of Social and Territorial Socialism.

On the other hand, Istúriz said that all Communal councils and communes in their different organizations must know how the aggression against the country was generated. “We must expand the information on conserving water”.

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Translated by JRE/EF