Venezuela Delivers 4th Report on Human Rights Cases in Venezuela to International Criminal Court

The Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, reported this Tuesday, May 18, that his office delivered a new report, the fourth, to the International Criminal Court (ICC), which adds to the information provided to the ICC prosecutor regarding controversial human rights cases in Venezuela.

“Once again we point out that we work blindfolded in terms of providing official information to the ICC,” wrote Saab on his Twitter account, “but with a will to collaborate, based on the commitments assumed by the Venezuelan State in our visit to The Hague on #4Nov 2020. This fourth report presents a new list, an update, about cases on which we were previously working in defense of #DDHH [human rights] in Venezuela.”

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The ICC has two cases open in relation to Venezuela. The first one (Venezuela 1) was filed by opposition actors regarding alleged human rights violations committed by the Venezuelan government, and the second (Venezuela 2) was filed by Venezuelan authorities to denounce the damage done to human rights by the criminal US “sanctions” and blockade.

Recently the Attorney General’s Office and Venezuelan Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez, commented on the role that a bot campaign, revealed by a detailed investigation, may have played in influencing the perspective and decisions of the International Criminal Court regarding the case Venezuela 1.


Featured image: The International Criminal Court headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. File photo.

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