Venezuela Has More Recovered Cases Than Active Cases of Coronavirus – Zero Confirmed New Cases Today

In the last 24 hours, Venezuela has not registered new cases of Covid-19 and the number of patients successfully recovered has increased to 94, the minister of Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, reported this Saturday. It is the first time that there are more people recovered than people with active disease. Still, he encouraged them to remain in quarantine and not loosen it.

“53.1% of people infected with the disease have already recovered, they have a negative PCR. This is important because it cuts off the transmission route,” ratified Rodriguez from the Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas.


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He pointed out, that unlike countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Brazil, Venezuela has, to date, made a total of 181,335 tests of Covid-19, that is, more than 6,000 tests per million inhabitants, which places the country first in Latin America. “Venezuela is complying with those guidelines defined by the World Health Organization,” he said.

However, he again urged Venezuelans to comply with the radical, collective and voluntary quarantine, since it is the only antidote to cut the coronavirus transmission chain. “We are in a moment of greater fragility because we have managed to flatten the curve. If we stop complying with some of the battle instruments, the curve can grow exponentially,” he clarified.


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Jorge Rodríguez indicates that here “the largest health care operation known in the history of Venezuela has been carried out.”

“This battle is consistently won,” he noted. He asked the Venezuelans to evaluate the tragic situations that are lived in other localities, such as New York, Colombia or Brazil and, thanks to the efforts of the government and the people, have not occurred in Venezuela. He indicated that, if the quarantine were relaxed and the use of the mask or washing of hands were stopped, we could experience these crises like in other countries, caused in some cases by the carelessness of their governments.


School Year Survey
Jorge Rodríguez also pointed out that the survey by the Patria System on the school year has been answered so far by 3,350,206 families. Of these, 90.1 percent agree to end the school year from home, and 9.9 percent said no. They were presented with a portfolio of content, works, tasks and types of evaluation and 95% agreed.

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