Venezuela Offers Gas Supply to Mexico: Weather Emergency

This Friday, February 19, President Nicolás Maduro proposed that PDVSA should enter into talks with the Mexican government to supply Venezuelan natural gas to that country, in view of the current energy crisis that the Central American nation is experiencing as a result of recent extreme weather events.

“We must speak with the Mexican government,” said the Venezuelan president, “because I have seen the whole issue of gas supply and the effort that López Obrador is making to solve it, a situation aggravated by the snowfalls in Texas that have led to a difficult situation.”

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“Looking at the situation of production of gas both in Texas and in the Mexican territory, we should propose ourselves as dependable suppliers of gas to Mexico, for its energy efficiency,” suggested President Maduro. “This is one of the new goals that I propose to the Presidential Commission in charge of restructuring PDVSA, to supply Venezuelan gas to Mexico, to make a strategic alliance,” he emphasized.

However, the head of state added that first the quota of natural gas produced for the Venezuelan population must be met, then gas for the national industry, and finally, to carry forward projects with foreign partners.


Featured image: The flow of fuel from Texas to some Mexican power plants has been limited in recent days due to low temperatures in the southern United States and an energy crisis in that area. Reuters – José Luis González.

(La IguanaTV)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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