Venezuela Reaches New Milestone: 3.6 Million Homes Delivered to the People

On Thursday, July 22, 2021, the Venezuelan government celebrated the delivery of house number 3,600,000 in the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV) program, which was started by President Hugo Chávez in April 2011, initially to solve the housing problems for hundreds of thousands of families affected by heavy rain and floods that year.

The program was continued in 2013 by President Nicolás Maduro after the death of Chávez.

On Thursday, the Rincón Reyes family of Zulia state received the keys to their new home, which is the home number 3,600,000 in the GMVV milestone. ”Thank you for our home,” said little Manuel Rincón, only five years of age, greeting President Nicolás Maduro through videoconference between Zulia and Miranda, the state where the president was for a GMVV event.

The new home of the Rincón Reyes family is located in the Urbanismo Lago Sol Housing Complex, and is one of the 4,624 homes that have been completed as part of the construction project of 38,046 houses in Zulia State.

Inside the 65-square meter townhousestyle home, Neraily Reyes noted that her family ”went through difficult times” before being able to achieve their dream of finding a home. However, their perseverance was the key that led them to their new house.

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”I want to tell all families in Zulia to never lose trust, because this is a reality,” added Neraily Reyes. ”Here we continue in the fight.” Just like the Rincón Reyes family, another 52 homes were assigned to Venezuelan families at the Urbanismo Lago Sol Housing Complex.

Thanks to community self-management, 30 more homes were also delivered in the Rafael Urdaneta urban development in Barinas municipality of Barinas state. These are single-family 82-square meter homes that consist of three rooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and service area. They are equipped with all the necessary facilities to efficiently receive public services such as drinking water, electricity and gas, in addition to having common amenities and recreation areas in the housing complex.

In Simón Rodríguez municipality of Anzoátegui state, 248 more homes were delivered at the Villa del Éxito urban development, which will benefit 312 people. This housing complex was built through the Petro Inmobiliario program, which has progressed thanks to the Anti-Blockade Law towards fulfilling the housing goals established by the Venezuelan government.

Approved resources
President Maduro approved more than 1,796,000 petros for the completion of 300,000 homes, scheduled to be built during the second half of the Habitat and Housing Annual Plan 2021. The president highlighted that, despite the blockade and financial persecution that the United States has imposed on Venezuela, the country will not stop, and  that the plans to provide welfare to the Venezuelan people continues.

“Our Commander Chávez is supervising us,” said the president. ”Chávez is always with us, every day, every second, in every battle. They have not been able to and will not be able to defeat Venezuela!”

President Maduro stressed that ”Venezuela must reach 100% of its productive capacity without any excuses.” For this reason he emphasized that those responsible for executing plans of construction materials production and housing construction should not use the economic, financial and commercial blockade as an excuse to claim that certain goals could not be met.

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”There are no excuses! I do not accept the gringo blockade as an excuse!” declared Maduro. ”I do not accept anyone’s excuse that, due to the gringo blockade, things cannot be done!”

The president insisted that the government of Venezuela will continue to denounce the unilateral coercive measures at all international platforms. However, he highlighted the need to devise mechanisms to circumvent financial restrictions that would allow meeting the construction goals of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV).

Febrero 27 Supply Factory
During the housing event, President Maduro toured the facilities of the housing materials factory Fábrica de Insumos 27 de Febrero, SA, in the city of Guatire in Miranda state. This factory, which opened on October 23, 2007, produces 16 thousand building blocks per day. It manufactures supplies for construction, machinery and equipment, as well as providing technological and educational knowledge transfer and technical assistance in the areas of structure building and national and international level construction works.



Featured image: President Maduro at an event of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV), where home number 3,600,000 of the Mission was delivered. Photo: Prensa Presidencial

(Alba Ciudad)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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