Venezuela Reports 34 New Coronavirus Cases and 1 Deceased (First Since April 19)

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, reported on Tuesday that a single case of Covid-19 coronavirus was reported by community transmission in the last 24 hours, and another 33 cases connected to Venezuelan migrants returning from other countries, in particular 21 people returning from Brazil and 12 from Colombia. In addition, the death of one patient was reported. There are 1,211 cases of coronavirus detected in the country, and 11 deaths.

The deceased was a 65-year-old man from the La Vega parish in Caracas, with type II diabetes mellitus and hypertension. He had contact with a relative who came from Colombia. He tested positive on May 23, was hospitalized, but his condition was aggravated by a respiratory infection and pneumonia. He died in the Lídice hospital.

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The Venezuelan president sent his condolences to the relatives of the deceased person, and recalled that Venezuela had not had any fatalities from Covid-19 since last April 19, 37 days ago.

Maduro indicated that the community case is of a 26-year-old woman, from the Tomás Lander municipality (Valles del Tuy) in the Miranda state, a dentist who has worked on Covid-19 screening sessions. She is asymptomatic in a comprehensive diagnostic center. (CDI)

Out of 1,211 cases, 476 are from people returning from Colombia. President Maduro indicated that “these cases should be added to Colombia’s figures” because they are people who got sick there, and came to Venezuela fleeing xenophobia and the problems of that country.

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He reports that, during the quarantine, 50,210 Venezuelans have entered the country:

  • 29,980 people from Táchira state
  • 5,581 from Zulia
  • 12,017 from Apure
  • 2,133 from Bolívar
  • 109 from Amazon
  • 300 from the Maiquetía International Airport
  • 90 on a flight that came directly to Lara state

40,574 people have been mobilized and 10,000 remain to be mobilized, he said. 80% of the Covid-19 cases detected by the Venezuelan medical system have been in these special border check points.

In Venezuela, 865,367 tests for Covid-19 have been done so far, the highest test rate on the entire continent, with 28,846 tests per million inhabitants.

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Translated by JRE/EF



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