Venezuelan National Assembly Promptly Establishes Commissions

This Thursday, January 7, in the first ordinary session after the inauguration of the new National Assembly (AN), the presidents and vice-presidents of the special and permanent commissions established for the new parliamentary term in Venezuela were appointed.

These were the commissions:


For Dialogue:

• President: Jorge Rodríguez
• 1st Vice President: Luis Martínez
• 2nd Vice President: Francisco Torrealba

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Outgoing AN’s Crimes Investigations:

• President: José Brito
• 1st Vice President: Hugbel Roa
• 2nd Vice President: Vanesa Montero

For the defense of the Essequibo:

• President: Herman Escarrá
• 1st Vice President: Earle Herrera
• 2nd Vice President: Timoteo Zambrano


Domestic policy:

• President: Pedro Carreño
• Vice President: Rosa León

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Foreign policy:

• President: Timoteo Zambrano
• Vice President: Ilenia Medina


• President: Alexis Rodríguez Cabello
• Vice President: José Brito

Defense and Security:

• President: Jesús Suárez Chourio
• Vice President: Gloria Castillo

People’s Power and the Media:

• President: Juan Carlos Alemán
• Vice President: Tania Díaz


Featured image: The commissions of the new national Parliament were installed (Photo: Archive)

(Mision Verdad)

Translation: OT/JRE/SL

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