Venezuelan Supreme Court Appoints New National Electoral Council Board (Parliamentary Elections)

Jun 12, 2020 – Alba Ciudad

This Friday Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), appointed and swore in the directors and alternates who will form the new National Electoral Council (CNE). Indira Alfonzo was elected as the president of the highest electoral body, Rafael Simón Jiménez as vice president, and Tania D’Amelio, Gladys Gutiérrez and José Luis Gutiérrez as principal rectors.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), in a joint sentence appointed the principal and alternate directors of the National Electoral Council (CNE), after declaring the omission of the National Assembly to perform this duty unconstitutional. The sentence indicates that the Constitutional Chamber, given the relevance of the act, delegated the oath to the president of the country’s high court, Justice Maikel Moreno.

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The swearing-in ceremony was held in the Main Auditorium of the TSJ this Friday, June 12 at night.

The appointed directors are:

  • Indira Maira Alfonzo Izaguirre, as principal rector and president.
  • Rafael Simón Jiménez Melean, as principal rector and vice president.
  • Tania D’Amelio Cardiet, as principal rector.
  • Gladys María Gutiérrez Alvarado, as principal rector.
  • José Luis Gutiérrez Parra, as principal rector.

As alternate directors of the National Electoral Council were designated:

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  • Abdón Rodolfo Hernández Rodríguez
  • Alex David Said Díaz Padrón
  • Carlos Enrique Quintero Cuevas
  • Jennycet Caroliska Villalobos
  • Juan Carlos Delpino Boscán
  • Luis Delfín Fuenmayor Toro
  • Fanck Antero Pic Durán
  • Gloria Adelaida Muñoz
  • Deyanira Briceño
  • Eleusis Aly Borrego

The subordinate bodies of the CNE are made up as follows:

  • The National Electoral Board is chaired by the rector Indira Maira Alfonzo Izaguirre, as principal rector José Luis Gutiérrez Parra and as alternate rector incorporated Carlos Enrique Quintero Cuevas
  • The Civil and Electoral Registry Commission is chaired by the Chancellor Tania D’Amelio Cardiet, and Gladys María Gutiérrez Alvarado as Principal Chancellor, with Juan Carlos Delpino Boscán as alternate Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Political Participation and Financing Commission is chaired by Rafael Simón Jiménez Melean, as principal rector Tania D’Amelio Cardiet, and alternate rector incorporated Abdón Rodolfo Hernández Rodríguez.

Featured image: Courtesy TSJ Press

Translated by JRE/EF



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