Venezuela’s Lilian Tintori Admits Her NGO Works With Paramilitaries

Despite the word ‘paramilitary’ sounding and meaning the same thing in Spanish (paramilitares), Tintori later issued a statement arguing that it was a language “mistake.”

Venezuelan Lilian Tintori, wife of U.S.-backed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, admitted publicly Tuesday during the 2019 Concordia Americas Summit in New York that her NGO ‘Rescue Venezuela’ knowingly work and deal with paramilitaries and irregular groups.

“Our foundation is in the capacity to have humanitarian aid camps in each [Venezuelan] state. And the people who help us do this are people who are in those states and are irregular and paramilitary groups,” Tintori clearly said while talking about her non-governmental organization.

However, due to the gravity of the declarations, the well-known opposition figure later issued a statement arguing that it was a “mistake” due to her lack of knowledge of English, despite the word ‘paramilitary’ sounding and meaning the same thing in Spanish (paramilitares).

Yet this is not the first time, the U.S.-backed opposition has been accused of having ties with illegal paramilitary groups.

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Venezuela’s Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez presented a video on Sept. 20 in which the Colombian narco-paramilitary Ivan Posso Pedroso explains the links that the opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido has with the narco-paramilitary group ‘Los Rastrojos’, after pictures surfaced of the opposition figure with the known criminals during his border cross to Colombia in February.

Presented at a press conference held in Caracas, the video shows Posso Pedroso, aka ‘Nandito’ providing details of the secret operation that made Guaido’s transport from El Vigia in Venezuela to Santander Port in Colombia, Valero’s municipality.

Right-wing media PanamPost reported that Tintori said her organization ” Rescue Venezuela” works with paramilitaries to distribute humanitarian aid in Venezuela.

While back in March 2019, the Venezuela government revealed the members and plans of a far-right “terrorist” group called Cocoon 2.0, based off of information provided by Roberto Marrero Borgas and other found in his cellphone after his March 21 capture.

Marrero Borgas alleged “chief of staff” for lawmaker Juan Guaido, was arrested after the Venezuelan intelligence agencies and the Public Prosecutor’s Office found a link between him and violent far-right organizations, that aimed to aggravate plans in order to destabilize the Bolivarian government.

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In Borgas’ cellphone, a group chat was found with members such as Juan Guaido, Ricardo Hausmann, Carlos Vecchio, Leopoldo Lopez, among others.

In the chats from the group, there are three forms of aggression planned against Venezuela. The first is the threat to obstruct transactions with debit and credit cards causing the payment system to collapse; the second is to appropriate and distribute in a right-wing corruption network more than US$400 million of state assets from Citgo; and finally to grab army deserters, put them in other uniforms, take a photos and issue fake statements.


Featured image: Venezuelan Lilian Tintori, wife of U.S.-backed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, was part of a panel with Carlos Vecchio and David Molansky. | Photo: @ConcordiaSummit

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