Victory in the Humboldt 3 Trial (Anti-Apartheid / BDS)

Apartheid crimes are put in the spotlight.

By Ronnie Barkan, Berlin – Aug 3, 2020

Today concluded a three-year saga which started during our disruption of war criminal and apartheid representative MK Aliza Lavie, back in June 2017. The trial ended in victory!

Our win is first and foremost in promoting an unapologetic discourse of resistance to the criminal Israeli apartheid regime in Berlin — the last standing bastion for Zionism. Throughout the trial we insisted on making clear statements that emphasize our legal and moral obligation to oppose Israeli crimes against humanity.

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We also claim victory because Majed and Ronnie were fully acquitted, while Stavit received the minimum possible punishment, probably to save face for the prosecution.

The trial started with the judge negating the trespassing charges altogether on the basis of formality flaws by the prosecution. He suggested that the prosecution will drop the case in its entirety. The state prosecutor needed to consult with her superiors, this ritual repeated itself three times throughout the day, where the judge encouraged her to drop the case and each time she was instructed by her bosses to carry on no matter what.

After five hours of deliberations which included slander, lies, contradictions, sexism, admission of testimony coordination and self incrimination of physically assaulting Stavit — the judge ended up siding with the state by handing in a guilty verdict albeit keeping it to the bare minimum.

Why was Stavit found guilty?
For banging on the door of the lecture room, insisting on re-entering to find out the details of the person who had just punched her in the face. Thanks to one of the Zionist witnesses who inadvertently showed the judge a video that he had never published before — the punching was clearly visible — giving immense credibility to Stavit’s testimony while discrediting each and every Zionist witness that testified against us.

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Another victory that we are deeply grateful for is the overwhelming show of support and solidarity from across the world. From vigils outside German embassies, to a successful crowdfunding campaign in order to cover our mounting legal fees, to the coming together of many supporters who flew in to Germany especially in order to attend today’s trial and actively participate in the people’s tribunal outside the courthouse.

The struggle against apartheid continues on all fronts!