Videos and Images: This is Caracas After 2 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Confirmed – Price Hikes

Following the vice presidential announcement confirming two cases of coronavirus in Venezuela, people on the streets of Caracas are beginning to wear face masks and in a tireless search for alcohol and antibacterials.

Likewise, speculation in the sales centers is immediate, as the reporter team of LaIguana.TV shows, the prices of the aforementioned products cost up to four times what they used to cost before the announcements.

Also on twitter, the tag “#LADRONES” (thieves) became a trending topic with several claims of excesive prices for alcohol, antibacterial gel and masks that will be mandatory in Venezuela while using public transport starting tomorrow, Saturday March 14.

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One user posted a receipt where it’s shown that he was charged almost US$ 30 for a mask. The marked price was Bs. 2,224,000 and the exchange rate today was Bs. 80,000 per US dollar.

The median hike in prices is between 5x and 10x on items like alcohol, masks, antibacterial gel, among others.

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President Maduro announces controls

The Head of State demanded the Vice President of Economy, Tareck El Aissami, to guarantee actions on these cases.

Since the early hours of this March 13, users and various media have reported through social networks, a notorious shortage and price gauging on antibacterial gel, face masks and alcohol in commercial establishments and pharmacies.

In parallel the government launched a campaign on TV and social media to educate Venezuelans on how to make face masks and antibacterial gel at home.

The Novel coronavirus pandemic has ignited these price hikes and scarcity phenomena all over the world but in the case of Venezuela, state protection is much needed due to the impact of US sanctions and the economic crisis affecting the majority of the population.

Featured image: Farmatodo and Locatel are the biggest pharmacy chains in Venezuela. The image was posted today by Farmatodo and reads: “We take care of ourselves to take care of you”. The tweet with the image created an avalanche of replies by angry Venezuelans.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE/EF



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